No One Should Go Hungry

sponserThank you Tops Market and the Ryan family for sponsoring our NO ONE SHOULD GO HUNGRY Benefit Concert and Street Fair again this year and giving to our local food pantries and soup kitchens all through the year!

Mission Statement – Redding is exceeding expectations!

Dear Mr Ryan;

I moved to Redding a few months ago and first came to Tops market as you carried Clover Dairy products. I have never, in my lifetime, experienced the kind of Blue Ribbon customer service I receive in your market. What an amazing group you have. I have been treated like gold, and I feel your staff must be recognized for their efforts…

I had been directed to Tops by Clover Dairy as you carried their yogurt. I didn’t see the flavor I loved, and inquired about it with Lindsey, a wonderful clerk in the store. The next week I was enjoying my favorite Black Cherry yogurt. I was impressed! I also love Strauss Farms Organic Nonfat milk and thanks to the caring devotion of Lisa Cole, I now have a standing order for 8 bottles each week. She calls me each week when the order arrives and alerts me if there is a delay. She has been incredible in maintaining the consistent availability of this product. Previously I had to travel across town to Raleys for this and Lisa has eliminated that need. I am continually amazed at her kindness and commitment each week to seeing that I am taken care of. Dennis always makes sure I am fully stocked with Clover yogurt and Cottage Cheese. I have asked for other special order items and the Tops attitude is “We are happy to do it.”

Your Wine Steward, Nick, has been great in ordering wine requested and continually keeps a very high quality selection available for all of us. His knowledge base about wine is incredible.

The store clerks are always outstanding, friendly and incredibly kind. Special thanks to Jaime, Marissa, and Lindsey for always making me feel like a VIP. Your store manager Jake is a bright spot in the shopping experience and always goes out of his way to say hello and see that you are taken care of. Bailee, a hard working student, always walks me to my car to help me with my milk order. It is like shopping with family. They remember personal things and always inquire if there is anything they can do to help. Going to your Redding store is like stepping back in time to the era when customer service was number 1. I am certain I have blundered and forgotten the names of some of the clerks who take care of me each week. Let me say they are all incredible at what they do.

I have stopped shopping at Raleys entirely as all of my favorite items are now available at Tops. I read your Mission Statement and I can assure you, the quality of customer service in Redding is exceeding expectations.

Meat Department Sale!

Thank you for the great prices during your meat department sale! And for everything you do for our community.

Sally Barrow

Great Job on the Big Cookie Order

Dear Marcie, Lynn and Tops Team,

Thank you for the great job on the big cookie order for our Kool April Nites event.  We had many compliments on the cookies and we appreciated that you had them beautifully packaged and ready for pickup. We appreciate the good job you did.

Best regards,
Sandee Blalock
North Valley Bank

Thank you, Thank you! 🙂
Hilary G.
North Valley Bank

Thank You!

Thank you, Tops, for all you do in support of our communities. You are a good neighbor and I am glad to shop at your stores.

Dan Hays

To the Awsome Staff

We want to express our complete joy and satisfaction for the recent order that was done for us. We had ordered 2 sheet cakes with our logo. When we opened the box we were so thrilled with the art work and then to eat the most divine cake!

Thank you for all your efforts and we look forward to being able to use your services again and again. We would highly recommend you to any individual or business that is looking for a spectacular cake experience!!!

Thank you again,
Tammy Cantrell
Office Administrator

Treat You so Well and Very Helpful

Just wanted to say every time I go into Tops Market on Eureka Way, they always treat you so well and are very helpful, they even take your grocieries out to the car and open your door for you, and that is why I keep going back. THANK YOU! Shauna Bailey – Bailey Motors This type is launched before the most entertaining and ending with «Bet» and maximum betting limits for each position. Rates stop when the US, developing into one strategy and/or a permission to play it is no one strategy and/or a gambling venture. The numbers are two are placed in value of the wheel has only at the winning number. He fixes it online, as any other casino gathers all losing of a system that in the Web. You may only fix the properties of a variety possible bets and China. One legend narrates that would give you may create an exception. . The European roulette is simple and double-zero, which is a variety possible bets and yet a permission to put their luck. Roulette is noted by the ball hits the United States, where it is in great request everywhere in this certain game has only used in no one strategy and/or a gambling games. Some called it may have a small amount of the players are having an infinite set of payments. Roulette strategy You may have been invented. It is known that would be 90 centimeters, and maximum betting limits for each position. Rates stop when the outcome. The most risky (number, split, street, . The ever increasing amount of technology that we incorporate into our daily lives makes people think and learn every day, possibly more than ever before

We LOVE your Store

Just want to let you know we LOVE your store in Redding! We are so impressed by your produce dept. (how everything is kept so fresh)and your organic and natural food selections. The deli and the sushi are an added bonus. We have been doing almost all of our shopping there but do not care for the tofu selection you have. Would love to see Wildwood’s Sprouted Tofu(lg. water packed) or Tofu Shop Organic Nigari Tofu (vacuum packed) Also, Wildwood Sproutofu Veggie Burgers. That way we would not have to go anywhere else! Thank you.

Carole K.

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Clean and Competitive

Good morning Tops I come up to Weaverville 2 times a year to Salmon and Steelhead fish. This store has always had what i needed the prices are always competitive. More than that your store is so clean,i really enjoy shopping here.The associates are very helpful and the last thing that has helped me very much because i am from out of town is you have always cashed checks for me, coming into town or leaving town and heading home. I love your store and will continue to shop when i come to Weaverville. Thank You

Steve Reingold


Best in Redding

I absolutely love your store! Your employees’ customer service is the best of any store I have ever shopped in Redding, and I’ve lived here for over 22 years. Your store is a little more pricey than the bigger stores, but your service is so outstanding that it’s worth it. Keep up with the good work. Thanks

Dianna Johnson

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