Ed the Produce Manager Knows What's Fresh

Ed the Produce Manager Knows What’s Fresh

Tops Produce Department carries the finest and freshest selection of produce. We promise you the best in quality and service!

The farmer’s market. Fabled home of the freshest, locally grown produce around. You can find Farmer’s Markets on the weekend, but you better get there early for the best selection.

Or, you could just drop by Tops Market any day of the week, where we have field fresh produce delivered to our market seven days a week—sometimes several times a day. We work with local growers and distributors every day. And, we’ve built quality relationships over the years with farmers and brokers who understand our commitment to quality fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

You see, at Tops Market our roots are in fresh produce. We strive to offer you bigger, plumper, sweeter and juicier in every way. We have learned that other supermarkets may carry cheaper fruits and vegetables, but you do get what you pay for. That’s why you’ll always find premium quality produce in our store. We won’t settle for smaller fruits just so we can offer ten for a dollar, like those big chain stores. We’ll stick with the local growers, most found within this and the surrounding counties. Fresh as a Farmer’s Market you ask? Absolutely. That’s our commitment to you…

No wonder one of the fastest growing trends in the food industry is organic food choices! And no wonder Tops is a part of this trend. Providing organic produce is just a small part of Tops Produce. If you like our organic produce choices, check out the organic items throughout the rest of our store!

Our Commitment To You
  • Our fruits will be consistently sweet, ripe and ready to eat.
  • To have the widest variety of fruits and vegetables the world has to offer.
  • All produce is carefully checked to meet our high standards.


Tops carries a money back guarantee on all Tops Markets items. If you are not completely satisfied with any of Tops Produce items, simply return it to our store. You will cheerfully be refunded your money back.

Gone are the days of “the produce department”, instead, at Tops we are inviting our customers to shop the our floors featuring fresh-from-the-farm goodness, ripe and ready-to-eat year round. Tops Super Foods carries over hundreds of fresh produce items each and every day. No matter what time of year, customers can find the widest variety of fresh, top-quality produce at our Tops Markets.

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Learn how to buy and prepare fresh produce to create the perfect meal.

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