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2013-05-09_2211Did you know Super Stores are trying to eliminate Butchers? They have their meat cut hundreds of miles away. Some even add water to make it look fresh cut. Not at “Help Save the Butchers”, we cut our meat fresh everyday while you watch. We sell 100% fresh Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb and Veil just like Mom was able to buy. Our meat has no additives, our quality is high and our prices are low. If you’ve been buying your meat anywhere else you just haven’t been paying attention.

Are you buying fresh cut 100% meat just like mom was able to buy?

You hear it from everyone, your doctor, health associations, even weight loss associations, “read the ingredient labels”. Until recently this only applied to food that was prepared ahead for you. You never had to worry when you were making a roast for your family, you knew what you were using for ingredients and just how fresh they were. But in today’s time of “Superstores” and “Super-marts” you have to read the ingredients even on food that you always considered being fresh and pure. Is the meat that you purchase in these “Superstores or “Super-marts” 100% meat? Is it possible you are paying for something that you didn’t intend to buy?

In a recent investigation, packages of meat that were being sold in these large stores of today, listed ingredients such as water, sodium phosphate, potassium lactate, dextrose, salt and natural flavorings. What happened to the meat?

What happened to the meat is that it became a victim of cost cutting and labor savings programs that the large stores of today are using? The byproduct is when you, the consumer, shop these large stores, it’s possible you are no longer buying fresh cut 100% meat. You could be buying meat that was cut hundreds of miles away in a processing plant. The water and other ingredients are then added to make it look fresh cut and preserve the meat.


Some “Superstores” of today already don’t employ butchers to cut meat. All of their meat is packaged and trucked in. Most “Superstores” are carrying prepackaged meat to some extent. Some just carry prepackaged poultry with water added. Some sell pork that was pre-cut and prepackaged with added ingredients. Instead of listing the additives as ingredients, some label the product using the following statement, “flavor enhanced with”. Many sell you ground meat that they label as their better quality, leaner Hamburger, that was pre-ground in one of these processing plants. No meat cutting experience or any detailed knowledge of meat is required. Our children will never know the pleasure of asking their butcher for advice on that special cut of meat, for that very special dinner.

Is fresh cut 100% meat still available?

“Help save the butchers!” is an association of independent stores that are dedicated to serving their customers. These stores still employ butchers to cut 100% fresh meat with no additives. Having a butcher available in store gives the consumer access to advice and knowledge that only a true butcher can give. Our customers also have access to those special cuts when needed for those special occasions. Shopping stores displaying the “Help save the butchers!” logo will guarantee you the quality and freshness you deserve and have always expected from your local butcher. 2013-05-24_1731

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